Aquetong Creek Fish Species


Aquetong Creek supports native brook trout. In the past, Ingham Spring was used as a trout hatchery, but small/young trout have been observed in the creek over the years. Since the dam at the Bucks County Playhouse prohibits trout from swimming upstream from the Delaware River, the assumption is that trout reproduction occurs within Aquetong Creek.

In April of 2017, Bucks County Trout Unlimited (BCTU) received permission from the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission to capture, transport and release 50 native brook trout from a Lehigh Valley tributary to Aquetong Creek. BCTU caught the trout by traditional fly fishing methods, and, in partnership with AWA members and Solebury Township officials, transported the trout and released them in the Aquetong Creek.

AWA members have sighted brook trout in the creek as recently as September of 2017, and the AWA will continue monitoring the health of the trout as part of our ongoing creek monitoring initiative.

Other species that occur in the creek include American eel, white suckers and bass as well as northern two-lined salamanders and green frogs. A variety of turtles, including snapping and painted turtles, occur in the watershed. Eastern spiny softshell turtles are native to western Pennsylvania, but have been introduced into eastern Pennsylvania, and may occur. Macroinvertebrates include a variety of mayflies, stoneflies, caddisflies, as well as other genera.


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